My Child Life

My Child Life

My Story

If you think you can walk into my shoes keep on reading, what I’m about to share with you. It's based on the true-life story of myself, I know there are others out there that can relate.

My name is Marlene, and what I’m about to tell you will blow your mind, or maybe let you look at life more differently. I was born and raised in Saint Andrew Jamaica; I was the second child for my parents. My mother had me when she was very young and irresponsible. If I’m right based on my mother’s age at that time, I think she has me when she was only fourteen years old.

My brother was the first child of my parents, he is just one year older than I am. so most likely my mother had him when she was thirteen years old. By the time she was fourteen years old she had two babies to take care of, so I know it was hard for her. She is pretty much a baby herself at that age, I knew she was not ready for this type of responsibility.

Taking care of us. Was very hard for her, so she decided to send us to our grandparents to live. At three months old, I was living with my grandparents in the rural city. This is where it all begins, grab your popcorn and read on, I promise you it will be worth it.

It was not just me they sent to live with my grandparents, it was both of us, my brother and myself. Not to mention my grandparents have about thirteen children of their own. But the good news is that my grandparents’ children, most of them were adults.

I have to say I’m very grateful for them to take me into their home with open arms. New life for me without my parents around. I’m still a baby and don't know what is going on. But as I grew up to be a little girl, I realized that I don't have my parents. My grandmother told me every that happens to my mother and my father and why I’m living with them, so I understand.

I have to know control over everything at that time just happy I was living in a home with a roof over my head and food to eat. I did miss my parents a lot in my day's phone was not available only handwritten letter, that we have to send through the post office. Or a telegram if there is a case of emergency, things change now life is much easier than before.

My parents didn't come and visit us that much, so I feel like they abandoned me, and they didn't care. That's just how I feel I maybe was wrong but that's is how I was thinking. My grandparents have to provide for me and my brother, feed us and bring us clothes to us. Plus taking care of all her children that were not working at the time, I don't know how she did it.

They were hard workers, they worked on the farm all of their life, didn't have to punch any clock to get paid. They plant a lot of fruits and vegetables and sell them to the market. The market was far away in the town, but we managed to help carry the food to the bus stop for her. We did have a donkey as well, that carried most of the loads to the bus stop as well.

Donkey lol, I know it may sound weird to understand but it's a true story, and sadly that is the way I grew up. I myself ride on the back of the donkey like a horse coming from the farm with my grandfather. I can say that my grandparents were very spiritual. They have me read the bible every night before bedtime, while they listen to me reading. Then we will pray together before going to sleep, I miss those times when we take turns to read.

Reading the bible helps me a lot with my reading skills, whenever I’m reading and there are words I can't pronounce. They will say to me spell the word, and they will help me break it down into syllables, so I can say it better. What a great grandparent I have had. Hold on tight, this is just the beginning of my story, grab yourself a drink of water and continue reading.

where my grandparents live was way in the bushes, there was no type of electricity or road for a car to drive on. Everywhere we went we had to walk our foot mobile lol, and the journey was not short either. My school was about five to 6 miles walking omg! I don't know how I do it. Not to mention church, it was so far away sometimes we had to sleep over at the church sister’s house until the next day.

There was no street light for us to walk home, just darkness and bushes, the houses were far apart from each other. It would take us a long time before we could get to another house, we were very scared of walking at night. Why we were scared because if there was any type of emergency there was no one close to call for help. So, we prefer to sleep over until daylight where we can see our way better.






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